Posted 12/7/20

Chief Operator (Grade 7)

About Erving Center Wastewater Treatment Facility

The WWTC is owned by the town of Erving, MA and operated and maintained by ERSECO, Inc. (Erving Industries). The facility consists of a conventional activated sludge treatment process, including influent screening, grinding, primary clarification, aeration lagoons, secondary clarification, disinfection, and dichlorination. Primarily treating waste flow from Erving Paper Mill with small contribution of sanitary waste from the town and septage from surrounding communities.

Job Summary: Chief Operator for ERSECO Inc., is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the waste water treatment plant, sludge management, closed landfills, regulatory permits, EPA Biosolids Annual Report and interfaces with the Town of Erving, as necessary.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:


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